As the representative of the ship owner and responsible for the ship in the Ports of Uruguay, the Agency provides all the services related to the ship, its crew and its cargo.

Management of authorization of arrival and departure.

Renewal of ship certificates.

Coordination of ship repairs and / or stranding in dry dock.

Customs declarations.

Reception and repatriation of crew members.

Wrap and unroll crewmembers.

Medical and dental care for the crew.

All arrangements for the movements of the ship, its cargo and the crew.

Likewise, the strategic alliances of the agency with operators in ports of the region, allows us to provide prompt response in ports where the vessel does not operate normally.


We are always ahead of the needs of each ship owner offering personalized and professional attention.


Avoid excessive investments, by outsourcing services.


Reduction of fixed expenses through commercial alliances.


Each service is independent and it is up to the ship owner to decide which services to hire.


The Agency has, both on its own and through commercial alliances, options to provide different services that ship owner could requires.

These services allow the client to improve their logistic chain and reduce their costs.

Load/unload Management

With trained personnel, in the allocation of containers by merchandise and destination, count of packages and the consolidation of the cargo correctly.

Quality Control

We have QA personnel to verify and certify, quantities, temperature controls (cold chain), and so on.

Customs Management

Customs clearance of goods and their respective declarations of shipment and entrance of supplies, spare parts and others.

Supply Chain

Supplies, spare parts and all kind of requirements to comply with the successful operation of the vessel.

Cargo Agency

Maritime, air, land and multimodal transport.


Capitan Braida Agencia Marítima works to provide an essential service for ship owners. For more than 30 years of experience of its directors, the project aims to provide its clients with efficient solutions and a full-time dedication characterized by professionalism and personalized attention. We stand out for the honesty and responsibility with which we commit to each job.

Alberto Braida


For 37 years, I developed as an officer of the National Navy, where I held important positions in all hierarchies.
I majored in Spain and served as Naval Counselor between the Uruguayan Embassies in Spain (1988-1990) and Argentina (1998-2000). I was Prefect of the Port of Montevideo for five years, which allowed me to acquire a broad knowledge of port activity.
Since my retirement as Captain, in 2003, I have been in the private sector forming work teams dedicated to the management and advising of companies in the maritime sector.

Aldo Braida

Logistics & Operations

I have been linked, since 1995, to various areas of the maritime world, charge of operating departments in shipping companies, and maritime agencies of European and Asian origins.
During the year 1998 I worked in Peru in charge of a fishing producing company, of Spanish origin. I have also been in charge of the operational and commercial development of Cargo Agents.
I am a Protection Officer (according to the IMO rules on ISPS Code) and after training as a Foreign Trade Technician I have been teaching international transport and transportation logistics areas in various business teaching institutes. I am also founder and president of the Chamber of Foreign Fisheries Agents.